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Clean Water, Forests and Fish for Our Future

PRESS RELEASE: State's CEOs, Business Leaders Call for Protecting WA Public Lands

December 20, 2014  CONTACT: Roy Nott, President, L.D. Nott Company: 360-561-4584

Over the last 16 months, a powerful new economic voice has emerged calling for protecting Wilderness and Wild & Scenic Rivers in Washington: major business leaders and CEO’s of some of our state’s largest employers.

Wild Olympics Proposal Photo Gallery

Wild Olympics for Our Future

Wild Olympics Campaign Video highlighting the community effort and broad local public support for new Wilderness and Wild & Scenic Rivers on Washington's Olympic Peninsula. The video showcases the special places, stunning scenery, ancient forests and free-flowing rivers that would be protected under Senator Patty Murray and Representative Norm Dicks' landmark "Wild Olympics Wilderness and Wild & Scenic Rivers Act." It highlights local voices and the diverse economic, conservation and recreation benefits the proposal would bring to the Olympic Peninsula and Puget Sound region.

Welcome to The Wild Olympics Campaign!

Protecting our Ancient Forests and Rivers for Future Generations

On January 16, 2014, Senator Patty Murray and Representative Derek Kilmer introduced legislation to establish new Wilderness and Wild and Scenic River protections on the Olympic Peninsula. If passed, the bill would protect the first new Wilderness designations (more than 126,000 acres ) on Olympic National Forest in nearly 30 years and the first ever Wild and Scenic River designations (for 19 rivers and their tributaries constituting 464 miles of river) on the Olympic Peninsula.

The Wild Olympics Campaign is thrilled with this news and we enthusiastically support the Wild Olympics Wilderness & Wild and Scenic Rivers Act and will continue to work to advocate for permanent protection of these wild places for future generations. The legislation would provide durable, permanent safeguards for the Peninsula's most priceless natural treasures; our towering ancient forests, free-flowing rivers, critical fish and wildlife habitat and our clean water. We are incredibly grateful for Congressman Dicks and Senator Murray's steadfast leadership and tireless efforts in advancing this landmark legislation. It is truly a historic giant step in the long history of Olympic Peninsula conservation.

Peninsula residents support protecting our last remaining wild forest and rivers. A bipartisan poll found overwhelming support for the Wild Olympics proposal among likely voters in Washington's 6th Congressional District. Nearly two out of three (64 percent) likely voters support the Wild Olympics plan proposed by Rep. Dicks and Sen. Murray. Twenty percent of the district voters polled said they were undecided. Only 15 percent are opposed.

Over the past three years, Wild Olympics has been reaching out to Peninsula communities to build support from diverse local voices, listen to concerns and get feedback on our draft proposal. More than 10,000 Peninsula 6th congressional district residents have written letters or signed our petition, and more than 450 Peninsula businesses, farms, faith leaders, hunting and fishing groups, elected officials, conservation and civic groups support Wild Olympics. We will continue this outreach as this legislation makes its way through congress.

We invite you to give us your feedback in the comments section and sign our online petition.

Connie Gallant on Hood Canal
 Thank you for your interest and we hope to hear from you!
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Connie Gallant
Quilcene, WA
The Wild Olympics Campaign Chair

The Wild Olympics Are Our Common Ground

Dave Bailey
Michelle Sandoval
Bill Taylor
Jason Bausher


QUILCENE, WA - A broad and diverse coalition of Olympic Peninsula community members cheered the introduction today of the Wild Olympics Wilderness & Wild and Scenic Rivers Act of 2014 by Representative Derek Kilmer and Senator Patty Murray.  The measure, similar to that introduced in the last Congress, by Senator Murray and former Congressman Norm Dicks would permanently protect more than 126,000 acres of ancient and mature forests on Olympic National Forest as wilderness and 19 Olympic Peninsula rivers and their major tributaries as Wild and Scenic.

New Study of Wild Olympics Shows No Impact to Timber Jobs

QUILCENE, WA – Stewardship Forestry, an independent forestry consultant, released a study today on the impact of the Wild Olympics Wilderness and Wild and Scenic Rivers Act (H.R. 5995/ S.3329) on the Olympic National Forest (ONF) timber supply. The question of what that impact would be and what affect it might have on timber jobs has been much debated as the Wild Olympics proposal has been significantly modified over the past three years.

Local Support Rolls In For Wild Olympics

QUILCENE, WA - Dozens of Olympic Peninsula and south-Puget Sound mayors, city council members, county commissioners, state legislators, businesses and sportsmen groups are the latest to endorse the Wild Olympics Wilderness and Wild and Scenic Rivers Act introduced Senator Murray and Congressman Dicks. The more than 70 new endorsements for the Wild Olympics Wilderness and Wild and Scenic Rivers Act brings the support list of local businesses, farms, faith leaders elected officials, hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation groups to nearly 250.

Conservation, Recreation, Local Business Leaders Hail Legislation to Protect Peninsula’s Ancient Forests and Wild Rivers

QUILCENE, Wash. (June 21, 2012)  The Wild Olympics Campaign today cheered the introduction of the Wild Olympics Wilderness & Wild and Scenic Rivers Act by Congressman Norm Dicks and Senator Patty Murray to permanently protect more than 126,500 acres of Olympic National Forest wilderness and 19 rivers and their major tributaries, a total of 464 river miles,  as Wild and Scenic Rivers.  If enacted, the legislation would designate the first new wilderness on Olympic National Forest in nearly three decades and the first-ever protected wild and scenic rivers on the Olympic peninsula.

Voters in Washington’s 6th Congressional District Overwhelmingly Support Wild Olympics Proposal, Poll Finds

QUILCENE, Wash. (June 15, 2012)—A new poll of likely voters in the 6th Congressional District shows strong support for a proposal to designate approximately 130,000 acres of wilderness and protect nearly 20 rivers and tributaries as “Wild and Scenic.”

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